It has been a whirlwind few days. I am a web application developer, but I forgot how much time and detail is required to get a site up and running over the course of a couple of days. I haven’t created a website for my own endeavours in years.

That said, when an opportunity is apparent, as in the case of the area around the South Natick dam, I’m glad action is started.

So, the website is up, and social media posting created to get a first sense of support. And what great support rolled in as a result of just the preliminary posting. I cannot thank y’all enough. Great comments added to the YOU Can Help! form page, turned into quotes that were shared with the South Natick dam committee. Quotes are still flowing in (a slight river reference!) and I will share the remainder with the committee by the morning of January 25.

I look forward to (hopefully) presenting for a couple of minutes in front of the committee. But even if I don’t get a chance because of limited time indicated for public comment, they still have the entirety of the Problem and Proposal sent to them as of yesterday. I truly hope they consider it, alongside your great quotes, so that we together can help push Natick in the direction we want for the future.

Thanks again!

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