The Proposal


  • Re-purpose the current 23 Pleasant Street underutilized basketball court and other public asphalt lot as the premier public access location along the Charles River
  • Add parking lot, accessible kayak/canoe/stand-up paddleboard launch points, and potentially a rental facility for such recreational pursuits
  • With such a space, miles of beautiful Charles River could be accessed by the public for the first time
  • Such a facility could become a destination for residents and could host events such as pop-up markets, floatilla gatherings, etc.

The Proposal would be to transform 23 Pleasant Street, Natick (Google Maps link) into the pre-eminent destination for public Charles River access in Massachusetts.

The property is currently a public park that has a basketball court and another asphalt area. However, the current facility has no parking. Judging by the location and Google Maps photo from 2019, it seems unfortunately underutilized.

The committee considering the future of the South Natick Dam is weighing an important decision in terms of whether to remove or replace the dam. However, part of their charge is also to ensure public access to the river.

Turning the 23 Pleasant Street underutilized park instead into a parking lot, kayak/canoe/stand-up paddle board launch point, and potentially a rental facility, would definitely meet the criteria of the committee’s goals. The proposal should therefore be seriously considered for the enhancement of our community.

Natick residents have a huge opportunity since this public forum is now considering the future of this general area. Do we want access only for a few abutters along the river to enjoy, or do we want to be more inclusive in terms of expanded public access? Do we want to be OK with a languishing public park, or do we want to build a magnet that will undoubtedly draw recreation enthusiasts and nature lovers from around the area, and expose many people to the wonders of the unspoiled parts of the Charles River for the first time?

If you want to ensure we create a community river access resource that we all can be proud of and leave as a legacy for the future of Natick, now is THE opportunity to do so.